Eat Sprouts to Treat Acne

Whether you are sweet 16 or a wise 38, I’ll bet you have tried every acne cream, lotion, medication if you got pimples, white heads, black heads and what-nots popping here, there and every where. If you are like most people, these treatments would probably work for a while. After a blissfully clear period, those acne will resurface to haunt you all over again.

A friend recently told me some very interesting news. Raw, fresh sprouts that I’m taking to treat eczema would have a miraculous result on acne sufferers too. She said acne can be cured for good if you can step up and take positive action. Basically, you have to pay a price to get back that glowing, clear complexion.

The price is to change your diet completely. She suggested to me that a diet comprising mainly fresh fruits, raw vegetables, raw sprouts, nuts, water, fruit juices and vegetable juices can do wonders for acne sufferers. In other words, you got to say good bye to dairy products, all meats, processed foods and of course, junk foods. I would suggest that it is better to consult your doctor before you make such a drastic change in your diet if you have diabetes and other medical conditions.

A diet with plenty of meats, processed foods and of course, junk food, stresses the 2 majors excretory organs – liver and kidneys. When your kidneys and liver are over-worked and under stress, they might have difficulty dispelling impurities and toxins from your body. This mean your skin – the largest excretory organ in the body – will have to take over some of the work load. What naturally happens is the skin will be “tired out” and become unhealthy. This would eventually lead to a host of dermatological problems including eczema and acne.

When the trees are bearing small fruits, you don’t medicate the fruits, the leaves, the branches or the trunk, you treat the roots. Same theory applies here. You need to expel the impurities and toxins so that your kidneys and livers can work at their peak again.

Eating a generous amount of raw fruits, vegetables, sprouts (such as mung bean and alfalfa) and nuts will give your organs a chance to recuperate and get rid of the unwanted elements in your body. Slowly but surely, your liver, kidneys and skin will recover from its abuse and start functioning at optimal levels once again.

So, I just added another reason to keep to my sprouts regime. Guess what, I’m experimenting with growing my own spouts now. Will definitely share more about this later.

Highly Recommended: “The Definite Guide to Acne” by Houa

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