Grow Sprout, Eat Sprout – who me?

I think it is about time I shared my experience with sprouts. More accurately, with growing sprouts and of course eating them.

When my friends first started on this new lifestyle thing, I was along for the ride. Of course, we all chipped in and bought the sprout growing stuff. I think the experts called them “sprouters”. So, I followed the instructions and grew some sprouts. Confession: I never ate that first batch.

Sure, I read all the good stuff about enzymes and vitamins and all the sprouting goodness. I even read those eat raw stuff posts like “10 Great Benefits of Eating Raw Food & Juice“. But somehow, growing up with meat and potatoes has taken its toll on my ability to do what is good for me!

Anyway, to cut a long, really long story short – I did it. Over the weekend, last week, I decided to try. So, what I did was to get this recipe: “Chicken-Alfalfa Sprout Sandwich To Go“, and got down to it. This was my maiden attempt at eating raw, eating sprouts. I was proud of myself. Now, I would declare myself a national hero if this thing tasted as bad as I imagined it would. Unfortunately for my award-hungry self, the chicken-alfalfa sprout sandwich actually tasted quite good. I have always enjoyed a salad or two. But deliberately looking to eat sprouts, especially raw ones, well, I don’t do that too often.

For those of you who are as chicken (stubborn!) as I was, I would suggest to try. Eating sprouts ain’t half as bad as you think. In fact, I think I will try the curry recipe next – Sprouted Lentil Cucumber Curry Salad!

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