Our food isn’t, if reduced to matter…

“ Can you not see that food is not matter? The material part of bread is carbon, water, gas and earth; the material part of fat is charcoal and gas; the material part of flesh is water and gas, the material part of fruits is mostly water with a little charcoal and gas. The material constituents of all foods are plentiful, they abound everywhere, and yet amid the unlimited, unorganized materials that go to form foods, man would starve.

Give a healthy man a diet of charcoal, water, lime salts, and air; say to him ‘ Bread contains no other substance, here is bread, the material food of man, live on this food,’ and yet the man, if he eat of these, will die with his stomach distended. So with all other foods; give man the unorganized material constituents of food in unlimited amounts, and starvation results. No! Matter is not food, but a carrier of food.”

“ What is food? “

“ Sunshine. The grain of wheat is a food by virtue of the sunshine fixed within it… Break out the sunshine (by cooking it) and you destroy the food, although the material remains. The growing plant (sprouts) locks the sunshine in its cells, and the living man takes it out again. With the life-force (represented by the presense of enzymes) burnt away the material becomes injurious, although it’s the same material that was organized as a food utilizing the bio-energy from sun. Such devitalized matter slowly destroys the life of man.

“ The farmer plants a seed in the soil, the sunshine sprouts it, nourishes the growing plant, and during the season locks itself to and within it’s tissues, binding the otherwise dead materials of that tissue together into an organized structure. Animals eat these structures, break them from higher to lower compounds, and in doing so live on the stored up sunshine and then excrete the worthless material side of the food. The farmer spreads these excluded substances over the earth again to once more take up the sunshine in the growing plant organization, but not until it does once more lock in its cells the energy of sunshine can it be a food for that animal.”

“ Is manure a food?” he abruptly asked.


“ Is not manure matter?”

“ Yes.”

“ May it not become food again, as a part of another plant, when another season passes?”

“ Yes.”

“ In what else than energy ( Bio-Plasmic Ether /Qi / Prana from sun ) does it differ from food?”

“ Water is a necessity,” I said.

“ And locked in each molecule of water there is a mine of sunshine. Liberate suddenly the sun energy from the gases of the ocean held in subjection thereby, and the Earth would disappear in an explosion that would reverberate throught the universe. The water that you truly claim to be necessary to the life of man, is itself water by the grace of this same sun, for without its heat water would be ice, dry as dust. ‘Tis the sun that gives life and motion to creatures animate and substances inanimate; he who doubts distrusts his Creator. Food and drink are only carriers of bits of assimilable sunshine.

Sesame Sprout

… and I say to you the food of man and the organic life of man is sunshine.

Paraphrased & adapted from “The eye-less Seer” in Etidorhpa (Pardon the archaic english).

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