Recipes: Energy Soups – boost up your energy levels

Sprouts are an excellent source of vitamin C and also contain many good B vitamins. And you probably won’t find a less expensive way to get these vitamins than from low calorie sprouts. Green leafy sprouts are also a good source of vitamin A. Sprouts are a good source of fiber, protein, and contain enzymes that aid digestion. In addition, sprouting destroys the seed’s natural preservative enzymes that inhibit digestion (see Taarak’s post for a more entertaining explanation of this phenomenon).

There are so many ways to enjoy your raw sprouts. One of the easiest way is to blend a handful of sprouts into whatever you are juicing.

Here’s a “soup” that will give you lots of energy throughout the day. All you need is a blender.

Energy Soup – Southwest Style

1 cup sunflower sprouts (put in bottom of blender).
Add juice of 1 lemon.
Stuff blender with buckwheat and sunflower greens until full.
Fill blender 3/4 full of filtered or spring water.
Add flax sprouts or any other sprout on hand.

Blend until smooth.

Add avocado and blend 30 seconds more.
Serve in soup bowls.

As my kids would say, Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy 🙂

Do you have a favourite yummy recipe to share? We’d love to try it out! I’ve also got more Energy Soup recipes and a Nori Roll.

(Please check out my recipe for Sweet Sprout Slaw.)

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