Sprouting – What Can You Sprout?

One of the most common sprouts you will find among the Chinese would be the mung bean sprout. It has a white stem and usually, a light yellow top. For salads, the alfalfa is probably one of the most common sprouts used.

But if you have decided that sprouting is fun and healthy, and you want to create a diet of sprouts, don’t restrict yourself. There are many different types of sprouts that you can taste. In fact, each type of seed contains different combinations of vitamins, trace minerals and other goodness. So, it is actually a good idea to have a wider variety of sprouts in your diet. You can read about the goodness of sprouts in other posts within this blog if you have not done so.

Mung Bean or Green BeansI found a great list of sprouts and links to information about them over at Wikipedia. So, I thought to share them with you here. As mentioned, besides the mung bean (Vigna radiata – aka green beans), there are a host of other seeds you can sprout. Here is the Quote from the Wikipedia:

Other seeds that can be sprouted include adzuki bean, almond, amaranth, annatto seed, anise seed, arugula, barley, basil, kidney bean, navy bean, pinto bean, lima bean, broccoli, buckwheat, cabbage, canola seed, caragana, cauliflower, celery, chia seed, chickpeas, chives, cilantro (coriander), clover, cress, dill, fennel, fenugreek, flax seed, garlic, hemp seed, kale, kamut, kat, leek, green lentils, pearl millet, mizuna, mustard, oats, onion, black-eyed peas, green peas, pigeon peas, snow peas, peanut, psyllium, pepita (pumpkin seeds), quinoa, radish, rye, sesame, soybean, spelt, sunflower, tatsoi, triticale, watercress, and wheat berries.

With all seeds, care should be taken that they are intended for sprouting or human consumption rather than sowing. Seeds intended for sowing may be treated with chemical dressings. Several countries, such as New Zealand, also require that some varieties of edible seed be heat-treated, thus making them impossible to sprout.

Many varieties of nuts, such as almonds and peanuts, can also be started in their growth cycle by soaking and sprouting, although because the sprouts are generally still very tiny when eaten, they are usually called “soaks.”

So, as you can see, there are really many different seeds you can select to sprout. In this way, you not only get a wider variety in your diet, you also get a greater range of vitamins and minerals.

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