Sprouts for body-building?

I must be kidding!

But after a gap of 6 months, this is what triggered me to go back into the holy ritual of growing sprouts again. Lemme rant…

I relocated to this new place a few months back & then soon proceeded on a longish vacation; by the time I settled down I realised I have been “sprout-less” for months in a row now – the longest embarrassing gap in my 6 years of promiscuous sprouting “career”. What shoveled me back into sprouting were my fitness fantasies err.. emm.. goals for the coming weeks. Yeah! Build muscles the veggie way!! Now ain’t that inspiring?

With all of 61 kilos at 5’11” I juz had to increase my protein intake to do justice to my new-found love for weight-training. At least thats what all the fitness gurus pontificate. After a quick survey of workout diets out there, I gathered that I better clock-up 49 gms of protein a day. It seems my daily slurp of soymilk, daal (legumes) & tofu provides less than 40 gms of protein/day. And too much of them will be heaty – so maybe I should look for other options. And to my delirious surprise I discovered that pumpkin/sunflower kernels provide as much as 16 gms of amino acids/100 gm & chickpeas can be as high as 20% rich in proteins! Hence the greed a.k.a motivation to get sprouting again – pumpkin, sunflower, chickpeas & some black unhulled sesame, flaxseed, lentils, alfalfa etc.

So you ask – Why not eat the seeds off the shelf? why bother sprouting?

Well my friend, here’s the clincher (& you owe me 1 for revealing this) : seeds & nuts are all ANTI-ENZYMATIC by nature ie they resist the digestive process because digestion happens through enzymes. So if ingested as such – our body will have to supply more enzymes to digest them as compared to an equivalent amount of some other food. Its nature’s way of helping them survive the passage through the food-tract of those who ingest them (along with the fruits they are part of) so that they are expelled intact (along with the shell) & can sprout forth to propogate their species till perpetuity – ‘baptism by (digestive) fire’ you might say. But here comes the cunning men (yours truly), unscrupulously foiling nature’s bid for their survival by sprouting (aghast!) the kernels (after zapping ’em out of the shells of course). This actually makes these nuts go nuts with so much enzyme that THEY DIGEST THEMSELVES once ingested without my body having to supply an iota of my own precious enzymes, thereby preserving my limited stock of enzymes (for myself & not for the nuts out there).

So whats the big deal? Well, our body needs all the enzymes it can produce, for its own upkeep & maintenance – the more the merrier. So in this ‘loading’ phase of my glorious body-building enterprise, I don’t intend to overload my limited enzyme pool due to the increased calorie-intake. And then my body will also recover faster after the trashy workouts.

Ahem! Now ain’t I a genius?

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Sprouts for body-building?
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