The BIGGEST deterrent to Strokes (& many other chronic maladies)

This impacts all of us directly without exception – Right Now! Today! At this very moment!

Yeah, It’s not just about strokes. Or about what else ‘can’ or ‘might’ happen in the senior most years of ones life. Blame it on “old age”, blame it on anything but abysmal levels of awareness on this issue – generally speaking. And it pains me no-end to see & say that. A ‘stroke’ (or any similar malady involving our circulatory system in any way whatsoever) is like an accident almost fated to happen at some point in the semi-conscious jaunt of a drunken driver; drunk with ignorance. My apologies for the bluntness but what can be more irresponsible than not taking care of our own health & thereby “unintentionally” causing pain to our near & dear ones? besides losing years of quality life, enjoyment, productivity & contribution to others in what could truly be the seasoned prime of one’s life.

Blood flowing through capillaries
That one image showcases the entire story inside of us. It may be happening right now in your body but you don’t know it as yet.
As you can see – this is a schematic of a section of a typical capillary network carrying blood. Only red blood cells are shown for simplicity sake. The blue arrows point in the direction of blood flow. You can see some cells bunched together & sluggishly pushing through in capillary no. 3. But capillary no. 4 is one of the thinnest ones – & hence most susceptible to blockage sooner or later. Alas!

And why do some of these blockages go undiagnosed?
Because if 1 capillary is choked in some remote ‘nook’ or ‘corner’ of the body then there surely may be others around it still passing through enough blood to keep the surrounding tissues functioning (more OR LESS). But if we run out of luck & it happens in the brain (touch wood!) – Oh-O! it’s called a … s-t-r-o-k-e. Hooo! Don’t even think of the consequences of that…

And why are the blood cells clumping-up in there?
Because once they loose the repulsive forces between them – this is bound to happen.

Really?! But why do they loose their charge after all?
(Hold your breath…) B e c a u s e o f o u r d i e t.

What diet ?!
Well… an E n z y m e – l e s s diet.

@&*#$%! …
Mmm…, for more info you can always click here… Right? It’s there only for you. Do excuse me for my brashness though; Now THAT’s chronically incurable 😀 Wish you the best in health anyways 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The BIGGEST deterrent to Strokes (& many other chronic maladies)

  1. bokjae

    Healthy life-styles and healthy eating are important to avoid strokes. Especially for stroke survivors, a healthy diet is absolutely important to prevent recurrence! Good to promote healthy diet!

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