A heart patient’s prescription (& your’s too…)

My dad unfortunately had to go through an emergency heart bypass surgery recently. He had mostly followed an average dietary lifestyle all along. In a general medical check-up 1 of the major arteries was found to be 90% clogged.

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The operation was successful & he recoverd remarkably well, thanks to my mother’s support. But his appetite levels were low, prompting me to advice him certain sprouts beneficial for his situation. Raw sprouts are rich with enzymes and don’t need any digestion. They provide all the nutrients with minimal calories so even with low food intake he can be assured of his body getting all the essential micro nutrients. I was pleased to find him game for them . Here are my 3 recommendations for everyone’s benefit:

1. Wheat berry sprouts :- Yeah, wheat grass may be good but requires additional effort in juicing. Not so for wheat sprouts. But they are just as good except the chlorophyll part. They are highly recommended for anyone & everyone because they boost general strength & immunity.

2. Groundnut soaks :- Groundnuts hardly sprout. Besides other nutrients they also have … (hold your breath)… RESERVERATROL. Yeah! you read it right. Red grape skins are not the only source of reserveratrol. They are very good for the walls of capillaries. And no sane nutritionist will ever recommend anything alcoholic (red wine) inspite of the advertised benefits if any. Besides that, raw soaked groundnuts are quite digestible & better than in any other form (roasted, fried, powdered, etc) in terms of bio-availability.

3) Flaxseed :- It’s the richest source of essential fatty acids; richer than even the over-sold fish liver oil. These fatty acids are essential for the heart; and then flaxseeds are more digestible than cod liver oil because it’s purely vegetarian.

Don’t you think we all can easily benefit from all of the above regularly? 🙂

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