The weight-loss conundrum

Breaking News :
“Health, fitness, weight-loss constitute the biggest chunk of all new year resolutions.” 🙂
And what’s the story of the weight-loss scene? :-
“… Amongst the ‘busy’ over-worked masses ‘fad diets’ continue to rule the roost.”

It’s possible these fancy diets may have something useful in them “backed by scientific evidence & latest research” and promoted by professionally qualified authors. But based on what I see around, many are akin to the get-rich-quick scams : long on dreams, short on results. What do you want?

Why is it so difficult to believe that – best things in life are indeed free.

I suppose…

1. It’s NOT actually about weight-loss as much as it’s about respecting our body as a temple in which we are the resident God/ Goddess. If the heart is the sanctum sanctorium then isn’t the tummy it’s foundation? Well, yes – then oesophagus will be the entrance. And only those devoted to the diety are welcome.

2. It’s NOT about being healthy either. It’s about “Being Health”. Yes, that’s correct, that isn’t funny English : “Being HEALTH”; and not just “being healthy”. Hmmm.. Is that something to ponder upon…?

3. It’s NOT at all about metabolism manipulation; instead it’s about dancing to innate cellular rhythms. Does the dancer control the music? Or does it focus upon expressing it beautifically?

4. It’s also NOT about hunger control my friend; it’s definitely about smiling with composure while the cravings may twitch – like that lizard’s tail which has just been cast off – at some point it has to subside. Does a good parent pamper every impulsive pleading of a kid’s fickle mind? Or do they redirect it else-where?

5. It’s NOT even about disciplining our diet, maybe it’s more about re-discovering an entirely new one. As an integral part of existence, what has nature/almighty designed & provided for this body to thrive upon?

6. It’s not about chasing everybodies tail (the “new” weight-loss formula currently being hyped as an THE solution) to get that elusive figure; perhaps it’s more about revisiting our primal basics. Are thou attuned to your inner-higher-original Self?

7. And finally I don’t think it’s about what-to-eat-? to get those croony flat abs, although i do remotely suspect it may be something to do with cultivating (a taste for) …. doozie young greens :

Don’t you want your nutriments at their prime?

Maximum nutrition with minimum calories, anyone?
Results anyone?
No-hype anyone?

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