Use Flour Sieve for Sprouting

In an earlier post, I shared that I used a plastic strainer, a pair of chopsticks and a plate to grow my sprouts. I like to share my latest experiment which proves to be a great choice.
Flour Sieves - stainless steel and plasticI now use a stainless steel flour sieve, easily found in supermarket or baking shop. Flour sieve can in different made and sizes. The picture here shows you the stainless steel and plastic options. The stainless steel flour sieve I chose is about 8 inches in diameter which meant ISprouts in Flour Sieve can grow enough sprouts for myself with some leftover to keep in the fridge for the next day.

Why do I like the flour sieve better than the strainer?

1) The stainless steel body and the wire-mesh bottom is sturdy. The weight of beans and water does not make the bottom “sink” like the plastic strainer.

2) The 2 handles at the side made it easier to grip.

3) The sieve can stand on top of a plate, a bowl or a tray without taking much space. The handle of the plastic strainer sometimes pose a hazard as I had accidentally knock it off once too often.

You can buy a sprouting jar or a sprout dome but you may be better of using these common kitchenware as recommended in the highly recommended Crash-course in Sprouting @ Home. The advantage is you can use that same kitchenware for other purposes when you are not sprouting.

Highly Recommended: to get started with sprouting in just 5 days flat. for easy to prepare healthy recipes.
The Raw Secrets – The Raw Food in the Real World by Frederic Patenaude

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