Week 2 to 4 of My Tryst with Raw Foodism.

What an interesting time it has been experimenting & reinventing my diet these few weeks. The fundamentals are finally in place now – exactly the way I wanted them to be at this point in my life. I have come up with my own meta-resume to make the raw carbs much more tastier. And best thing is that it is customized for my personal psycho-somatic constitution (Discover your essential constitutional type in the “Primal Health-Bites” eZine ).

I also expanded my range of raw enzyme-rich carbs by adding the local (beige coloured) turnip, etc. They are juicy & almost sweetish. The purple ones may look prettier but are bit too bitter to be enjoyed raw. My concoctions err..emm.. recipes, allowed me to eat more (as I wanted to) as the nausea went away. All this happened very gradually though as it took me quite some time to train myself to stop eating after a moderate amount even though my hunger hadn’t subsided. It seems it takes 10 minutes or so for the brain to recognize that the stomach is full thereby signaling satiation. So it was always a little while AFTER I had stopped eating that I would realize that I have OVER-eaten. Mind you, that feeling of satiation is very subtle (for me) – it’s never as heavy as one feels after a COOKED ‘sumptuous’ meal. After many days of under- & over-correction now I know exactly when to stop so as not to get nausea (due to unknowingly over-eating) or remain underfed (& feel hungry very soon) on the other hand.

Guess what? The constipation-cum-flatulence I reported in my last post is now history. But stool formation is still lesser than in a cooked food routine – looks like most of what I eat gets easily absorbed by the body. Now isn’t that ideal?

But that’s not all.. my meal size was still less than my erstwhile cooked food consumption. And that lead to a further weight loss by 2 more kgs within the next 2 weeks. That explains why I would feel hunger-pangs soon after every raw meal & so I went ahead to increase the frequency of my meals from 3.5/day to now 4.5/day. Now finally the overall quantity of food intake is same as it was when I was on a sprouts + cooked carbo diet. This finally helped me to regain 1 precious kg & am standing to re-coup the rest of the 2 kgs sooner than later.

I feel great indeed 🙂

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