What’s Your Sprouting Equipment? Mine’s a Strainer

How did you grow your sprouts?

I did it really simply without spending a single cent, thanks to┬áthe amazing Crash-course in Sprouting @ Home. I made use of what I already have in the kitchen. I used a strainer, a pair of chopsticks and a plate. To keep insects off the growing sprouts, I would cover the strainer with a piece of netting. You can even improvise by using soup bag, woollen laundry bag or the likes as long as there’s tiny holes to allow air circulation.

However, you can do the more professional ways by getting a sprouting jar or the multi-tier beauty called dome sprouter.

Sprouting Jar Dome Sprouter

There is honestly no hard and fast rules on sprouting. The only rules are get organic seeds, grow them with care and eat them with love.

Eat Greens, Eat Healthy, Be Healthy.

By the way, if you haven’t download Taarak’s The Secret of Longevity, you can fill up your name and email at the sidebar. That free ebook discloses why and how the enzymes in sprouts help us to stay healthy and live longer. BTW, it’s just a free ebook that my sprout enthusiast friend wrote in response to us harassing him for weeks. So, there is no ads whatsoever to get you to buy this or that.

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  1. ruth

    nice article,Thanks….I love sprouts but did not know the scoop, just know my body craves them…

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