When Do You Eat the Sprouts You Grow?

These are the frequently asked questions people put to me:

3-day old and ready to eatWhen do you eat the sprouts you grow?

Do you trim off the roots?

Do you eat with the husk?

When can one eat the sprouts they grow? Well, it all depends on your taste buds. You can eat it when it is young at 3-day old or slightly more matured at 5-day old. The best time to harvest your sprouts is between 3 and 5 days. The moth bean sprouts you see here are only 3-day old and they taste yummy as it is, without cooking, salad sauce or any seasoning. The Crash-course in Sprouting @ Home has more specific information on this & a best harvest times for a long list of sprouts.

Does one eat with or without the roots? Again it’s your preference. Chinese eat mung bean sprouts (commonly know as “tow gei”) with the head, body and tail all in tact. However, fine Chinese restaurants would normally trim off the yellow heads and the root portions to make it a neat stack of silver rods. They look gorgeous, taste wonderful, when lightly stir fry with green spring onion, red chilli, yellow, orange carrot, small cubes of salted fish with a little oil and garlic. So there’s no hard and fast rules, you can eat it all or trim it off.

Do you eat with the husks? You can if you want for added fibers. But getting rid of the husks from the grown sprouts are rather tedious. My friend, Taarak (who graciously put his e-report on enzymes for free download at this site – see sidebar for more info) has a technique shared in his sprout e-book which is expected to launch in Dec’07. I’ll keep you posted when the time comes.
Sprouting is easy even when I work 10-days a week. Raw vegetable and juice gives us more enzymes and help to revitalize and rejuvenate our body better and faster.

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