7 Good Reasons to Stop Smoking

Quit Smoking Painlessly NowBy taking that very first step of acknowledging the need, the want and the wish to stop smoking for good, the smokers are being very courageous. They know it’s going to be tough but the tough get going anyway. I applause them for their determination to quit smoking.

Whatever their reasons are for wanting to quit smoking, they must be good. Many smokers could not quit smoking because it has become a second nature, a habit and an action that they do unconsciously daily. Is there an easy way to quit smoking painlessly? Must you quit smoking cold turkey? What kinds of stop smoking aids are there? What is the best stop smoking program?

These and many other questions must be going through the smokers’ mind. In fact, a smoker probably would have stopped smoking several times before finally succeeding. Many stopped smoking quite a few times, but somehow, went back to the old habit. Nicotine is the culprit. It is one of the most addictive substances, more so than caffeine and even some drugs!

Think of all the great reasons why you want to stop smoking:

  1. You will live longer and live better
  2. Become a high-energy person without cigarettes
  3. Quitting will lower your chance of having a heart attack
  4. Reduce the chance of Cancers of the lung, mouth and throat
  5. Relax and enjoy the pleasure of relaxation without cigarettes
  6. You can deal with your tensions without a cigarette
  7. If you are pregnant, quitting will improve your chances of having a healthy baby
  8. The people you live with, especially family members will be healthier and happier
  9. Save money as much as $4000 a year. Just check out Cheu Fong’s post on Quit Smoking to Regain your Health and your Wealth

At NurtureYourOwn, we shall explore more on smoking, benefits of stop smoking, the facts and FAQ on smoking in the coming days. Do watch out for our new posts.

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