A simple Icotine Dependent Test

Have you been smoking for quite some time already? If you have, do you think you are just a casual smoker or are you addicted. Addicted? Me? That’s not possible. Denying that you are an addict is an understandable reacation. Most of us believe that we are in control and command. We don’t believe that we can be slaves to alcohols or cigarettes.

Still, it will be good to take a test to check out your dependence level on nicotine:

1. When do you smoke your first cigarette after you woke up?
a) Within 5 minutes
b) About 6 – 30 minutes
c) About 31 – 59 minutes
d) After 60 minutes

2. Do you find it tough not to smoke in “smoke-prohibited” places?
a) Yes
b) No

3. Which cigarette would you hate most to give up?
a) The first in the morning
b) Any other
4. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
a) 31 or more

b) 21-30
c) 20-11
d) 10 or less

5. Do you smoke more frequently during the first hours after awakening than during the rest of the day?
a) Yes
b) No

6. Do you smoke when you are sick (where you have to be confined in bed)?
a) Yes
b) No

Test Results
Stage 1– Score 0-2: Very low dependence on nicotine
Stage 2 – Score 3-4: Low dependence on nicotine
Stage 3 – Score 5: Medium dependence on nicotine
Stage 4– Score 6-7: High dependence on nicotine
Stage 5 – Score 8-10: Very high dependence on nicotine

Test Verdicts
Stage 1 and 2: Your dependence on Nicotine is still low and that’s great! That mean it’s easier for you to stop smoking. You have to act now before you grew more attached with cigarettes and nicotine. You have a very high chance to quit smoking forever and never ever look back.

Stage 3: Your level of nicotine dependence is considered to be moderate. You have to act soon otherwise your dependence will grow and make you a bona fide addict. You still have a high chance to quit smoking easily and successfully.

Stage 4 – 5: Face up, you are an addict. You have no control whatsoever over cigarettes and the effect of nicotine is damaging your healthy slowly but definitely. Unless you are committed to stop smoking, don’t bother to quit. You will quit one day and go back to smoke double the amount on the next day. If you really want to quit, you will get over the up-hill hurdles that mark the quit-smoking journey. It will be tough but the pain can be lessen if you adopt the quit smoking painlessly way. You can choose your preferred method or experiment with various but the most important thing is to decide if you want to quit today.

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