Is Your Doctor Smoking?

Camel Back in the 1940s, NBC’s Announcer Michael Roy disclosed that three independent research organizations conducted a nationwide poll with doctors, surgeons, and specialists in every branch of medicine. 113,597 doctors in all participated in this poll. The brand of cigarette the doctors named most often was Camel.So if doctors smoke Camel, it must be good. The “More Doctors Smoke Camel” campaign slogan was so successful that various ads was signed. This is just one of Camel’s vintage ads. You can see more of Camel’s vintage ads here.

Today, medical practitioners distanced themselves from any association of cigarette and smoking. Yet many doctors are still smoking.

For me, I choose my doctors and dentists carefully. I won’t choose a smoker to be my doctors or dentists. If he/she smokes, he/she probably wouldn’t care much about his health and wellness. So why should he/she bothers too much about mine?

Info from “Doctors Recommend Smoking Camel”

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