Smoking Causes Blindness & Baldness

You may know smoking is the cause for respiratory problems, heart diseases, lung cancer and stroke but do you know these …

Smoking causes Blindness:

In a cross-cultural survey in Scotland and Singapore, only 1 in 3 respondents was aware that smoking can cause blindness! The survey was conducted by a group at Scotland’s Ninewell Hospital and Singapore’s Alexandra Hospital from November 2007 to February 2008. Researchers polled 112 participants from Scotland and 163 participants from Singapore to compare their awareness of various smoking-related conditions as well as attitudes towards the use of graphic health warning labels printed on cigarette packs.

85% in both countries knew the risk of lung cancer, heart disease, mouth and throat cancer (oral cancer) and stroke but only about one-third of the respondents knew about smoking causes blindness. More info to read here.

Smoking causes Baldness:

According to The New York Times, epidemiological studies looked at more than 600 men and women, with 50% of them being smokers. After controlling for variables, researchers found a significant and consistent link between smoking and early greying. More info can be read here.

Whether it’s for functional and aesthetic reasons, smokers should really consider quit smoking. Especially the recent fuel price hike, it doesn’t make health or economic sense to spend money to burn your life away.

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