What’s the Cost to Quit Smoking?

If you smoke one pack a day, you will spend about $1192 a year.

If you puff 2.5 pack a day, the figure will rise to $2983 a year.

The research is done by Rick Beneteau.

Can you imagine what you can do with this money if you chose to stop smoking? However, many people also have to spend money to quit smoking.

Rick Beneteau said the following is the amount of money a smoker could spend on another attempt at “chemical” quitting:

1. Quit Smoking programs range from free to $1,000.00’s. Most fail. Miserably.

2. A Nicotrol Inhaler will cost you approx. $509.88.

3. Three months of chewing Nicorettes will cost you approx. $337.50.

4. Seven  weeks of swallowing Zyban pills will cost you anywhere from $160.08 to $300.00+ depending on where you purchase.

5. Three¬† months of “withdrawal munchies” (with other programs) will add at least $700.00 to your grocery bill.

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