Caregiving 101

As a gesture of support for the Caregivers Month; I will be focusing on care-giving. Because a stroke can be devastating, survivors and family caregivers have a need for someone to understand their feelings of loss. They also have a great need for someone to give them answers to practical daily living questions such as these :-

  • Why am I so sad and emotional?
  • When will I stop feeling like a burden to my family?
  • Will I ever get over the grief and anger I feel?
  • What about the emptiness? The clumsiness? The forgetfulness?

Patients say things to their buddies that they won’t say to the doctors. For example, they may tell the buddy that they wish they had not survived. Or tell buddies about bladder control.

Don’t give false hope or medical advice. Just share information Analogy of the stewardess telling passengers about the oxygen mask is good for caregivers!

Dependency is a dangerous trend. The stroke survivor does not gain anything by having things done for them that they can do themselves.

Learn ways to say things and things never to say, like you never say ‘I know you’ll get better’ because you don’t know that.

Caregivers must learn to listen.

Stroke Survivor’s Prayer

So close in thought I wish to be,

With someone who can hear.

My heart’s sad cry, its silent weep,

Caused from despair, I fear.

For life is often so hard to take,

It deals such a painful blow.

Then no one is there with whom to share,

No one who wants to know.

For everyone has their problems too,

Enough gloom and despair of their own.

They have no time for me to share,

My thoughts I so want known.

I pray the day will quickly come,

The day when I will see

The person who will always listen,

And with all their heart love me.

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