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If you are a frequent visitor to Nurture Your Life and have been following the various Posts on Stroke, I am sure you realized now that Stroke ranks number Three among the top killers world wide. It is good to educate yourself on Stroke so that either you learn how to avoid having one yourself or to warn others of its dangers, there are some good resources where you can have more information.

1. Information on Stroke.

American Stroke Association. (Free Quarterly Magazine).

Family Care-giver Alliance.

2. Stroke Rehab Treatment & Equipment.

Saebo Flex – Arm Equipment.

Ness H200 – Arm Equipment.

Assistive Technology – Bath Equipment

Ability Camp – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

3. Special Clothing & Utensils.

Life With Ease.

Professional Fit.

Adaptive Clothing.

Senior Care Clothing.

Active Forever – Utensils and Aids.

AmVans – Vehicles for the Disabled.

4. Books on Stroke, Care-giving and Recovery.

  • Brain Heal Thyself by Madonna Siles.
  • I Will Survive by Corinne Laboon.
  • How To Prevent Your Own Stroke by J. David Spencer.
  • The Comfort Of Home by Maria Meyer.
  • Love Honor & Value by Suzanne Geffen Mintz.
  • Drawn From Memory by Elizabeth Cockey.
  • The Advantage Of A Stroke by J.B. Harris.
  • Edna Mae Thornberry, Herself by Joyce Liberty.

All the above books are available from

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