The ABC’s of Caregiving

November is coming to an end and so shall the Caregiver’s Month! I had compiled our own journey over the last 2 years, more from a caregiver’s view point and arranged in an Acrostic Form to end the Caregiver’s Month 2007. Many who went through the same journey may be able to identify the various emotional experiences that we share here.

A is for Appointments – the various medical check-ups, Physio and Occupational Therapy Sessions.

B is for Bills – additional Medical, Health Supplements, Special Food and some basic Equipment.

C is for Cooking and Chauffeuring – a new Job Specs added automatically in which I am least qualified especially cooking.

D is for Depression – something I have to learn to cope with, both hers and mine.

E is for Endurance – the bitterness, complaints, the low moods as well as physical exhaustion.

F is for Frustration – when progress seem painfully slow and the feeling of inadequacy to help in anyway.

G is for Grateful – that things could have been much worse if not for God’s Grace.

H is for Help – much needed and never turn down an offer.

I is for Inter-dependence – something we both learn from each other.

J is for Joy – when we see progress and an empty handicapped parking lot.

K is for Knowledge – about Stroke Recurrence, Health Food, New Treatment and Exercises.

L is for Love – lots of it since there is no remuneration, over-time or off-days.

M is for Money – need quite a bit of it to pay the bills.

N is for Nappies – plenty of them in the first two months.

O is for Oh my God! When I discover her on the floor!

P is for Prayer – need it very much to go through it all in one piece together.

Q is for Quantity – plenty of pills to take in the morning and evening.

R is for Rest – very much needed for myself for recharging.

S is for Sadness – when we see people going on holidays, jogging and the likes.

T is for Time – when can I be back to normal again?

U is for U-turn – something on the wish-list of a Stroke Survivor.

V is for Vacation – I wish this job have one.

W is for Weeping – we both do that out of sight when things look bleak and apparently impossible.

X is for Sex – what else do you think? We are not telling!

Y is for Yoke – something round my neck.

Z is for Zoo – the cage where we are locked-in since October 2005!

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A retiree and full-time home care-giver to my wife a stroke survivor. A graduate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, working as Project Manager; and was in Senior Management (Executive Director) with a local Telecommunications Company for 22 years till retirement. Upon retirement I was attached to a Church serving as full-time lay leader, lay counsellor as well as in social or community work such as old folks home, drug rehab, orphanage.

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  2. bokjae

    Thanks Mary for your comments! I am sure you must be in some ways involved with caregiving to be able to empathize with caregivers and their unique challenges.

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