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Smoking goes Up when the Economy goes Down

You would have thought that when the economy is experiencing a downturn, smokers would smoke less to make sure they still can buy some bacon home.

Nope. The opposite is likely to happen for many smokers. Instead of smoking less, they actually puff even faster and harder.

Mindful of escalating prices, increasingly worries about losing job or suffering a pay cut plus the uncertainties of the future brought forth tremendous pressure, stress, frustration, anger, feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. Where can they get help and whom they can look towards for a helping hand? Not many. Most people are in the same boat too. So instead of lamenting and complaining like before, smokers kept their silence and sought solace in the rings of smokes.

Is it solace they got? The smokers chose not to see that they are actually damaging their physical and financial health further by puffing more.

Smoking is bad for health, especially detrimental to the throat and lungs. Smokers knew it but chose to believe such illnesses only happen on other people, not them.

Smoking is also bad for the pocket, it studs out money that can be better utilized elsewhere. Smokers knew it too but they justified that cigarettes are their only indulgence in this hard time.

Assuming a bloke spent a mere USD5 smoking, he would use at least USD150 a month for this addiction. That could have been a week’s worth of petrol or groceries, or it could be a treat to the theater with a date or even some great books from Borders or a financial workshop on your bottom line.

I guess the above is just wishful thinking. I would have thought there are less shoppers this Christmas, instead we saw sales soaring on Boxing Days all over the world – from troubled USA, UK, Australia to the orients like Singapore and Hong Kong.  People still rush for retail therapy when they knew they should be more prudent in their expenditure. The shoppers justified by saying that they were saving more in the long run. Really?

I wish smokers are wise like my pal. This 32-year guy gave up smoking in November, and he found that he was USD450 richer.  The money he would have used for cigarettes, cigars, menthol sweets and whatnot went to dressing up his house and buying presents for his wife and three kids last Christmas. He did not become any richer, but his physical and financial bottom line did look a lot healthier!

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