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There is Hope

Christmas is coming soon and what is more appropriate than to do a post giving HOPE to stroke survivors! Basically a Stroke causes brain damaged or more accurately brain cells damaged. Contemporary Medical Science says that there is no way to recover that part of the brain that is damaged. The only hope for recovery is through the process of Physotherapy to train the good part of the brain to take over the function handled by the damaged part.

Research done at MIT by Elli Nedivi assistant professor of Neurobiology shows that the adult brain cells do grow contradicting what used to believe otherwise. In 3D time lapse images, the brain cells pushed out tentative tendrils that grows round neighbouring cells. What it means is that one day it is possible to grow new cells to replace cells damaged by stroke. (See the photo)

Although this is new and the growth detected were of a small scale but the fact that it grows is the amazing thing said Nedivi. Lets pray and hope that as research progresses it won’t be too far a distant future to see big strides in this area and one day stroke survivor can re-grow the damaged part of the brain!