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Tool To Measure Your Risk Of Getting A Disease!

This is not directly about healthy living or eating healthy, but this is a very interesting tool that we can all try out. Named “Your Disease Risk“, this is a really cool set of questions that you can answer online, and instantly get an estimate of your risk level for:

– Cancer
– Diabetes
– Heart Disease
– Osteoprosis
– Stroke

Quote from the Harvard School of Public Health:

Your Disease Risk has been transferred to the Washington University in St. Louis and can be accessed at: www.yourdiseaserisk.wustl.edu.

This important health tool was originally developed at the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention at the Harvard School of Public Health and is also accessible at www.diseaseriskindex.harvard.edu.

So, if you think you are really healthy now, or if you think you might be a tad at risk, go answer some questions and have a feel for what your risks factor are with Your Disease Risk.