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Kinetin : An anti-oxidative LONGEVITY rejuvenator

Ever heard of the plant hormone KINETIN? It delays the onset of many cellular and biochemical characteristics associated with cellular aging of cultured human cells.

Some of the main effects by using the Hayflick system of human fibroblast aging are:

– maintaining the youthful morphology for much longer period (up to 95% of completed lifespan)
– reversing senescent morphology.
– maintaining youthful pattern of DNA, RNA and protein synthesis.
– slowing down the rate of accumulation of age-pigment like things.

These effects can be best seen as “preventive” effects instead of reversion of ageing. Cells grown continuously stay younger. Most importantly, these effects are achieved without interfering with the maximum proliferative capacity. No additonal cell divisions are induced. This is unlike all other anti-ageing things reported for cell cultures for example, FGF, PDGF, ginseng, carnosine. All those things induce additional cell divisions which can be potentially harmful in terms of making cells move on a path to immortalization (here meaning cancer.)

Kinetin is N6-furfunyadenine, a modified base that can get incorporated in tRNA. … in our experiments Kinetin is the most effective.

Best natural source of kinetin related cytokinins are: all germinating seeds and growing tips.

The paper: Kinetin delays the onset of ageing characteristics in human fibroblasts, by SIS Rattan & BFC Clark is in Biochemical Biophysical Research Communications, vol 201. Compiled from USENET bionet.molbio.ageing on new “Anti-Ageing Discoveries”.

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