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How to keep eczema from spreading from one body part to the next

22581785_sMy eczema returned.  Grrrrrrrrr … and it is spreading. While I can apply all the home-made remedies to curb the itch and stop the growth. I was wondering how to keep eczema from spreading from one body part to the next. I did a google search and this is what came up.

Broyde McDonald shared that:

In some cases of eczema there are things that can be done to stop the spread. In other types the spread can not be stopped externally, but it has to be stopped using internal methods.

It is unlikely that you will stop eczema from spreading from one body part to the next when you have atopic dermatitis by doing external things to prevent it. The factors of inflammation do not seem to work that way. There are some usual places on the body for eczema to affect, but unless you can control where inflammation strikes, you will probably not be able to do much to control where it spreads to.

In cases of contact eczema, you can control where the condition spreads to if you can control where the contact problem is. As an example, you get a chemical on your skin that begins to cause an irritation. You recognize that the eczema is caused by a chemical, so you put water on it to wash it off, but as the water drains it irritates other parts of the skin. In this case there was something that you could do to contain the spread the condition.

If the eczema is not contact eczema, then it is an internal condition that you will have to find other ways of containing.

As it is right now, if you want to contain the spread of eczema I suggest that you learn to control how it is manufactured and spread from within the body.

When the immune system is not at optimal level, havoc wreck in our body system. 🙂

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