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Food Addictions are Bad for Health

1. Junk Food Addiction

Research has found that the brains of people who have a special craving or obsession with junk food  look similar to those of drug addicts.  They have fewer receptors for dopamine, which governs the brain’s pleasure centers. These  people might need to consume more of pleasurable, aka junk, food, to feel good.

2. Fat Addiction

People with a fat addiction are attracted to high-fat foods like dairy products and oily fast food like french fries and onion rings. According to research, this, unfortunately, is  a biochemical issue. It is not a case of a person lacking the will power to resist. Consuming fat affects the body’s brain chemistry, in much the same way as when alcohol or drugs are ingested.

3. Sugar Addiction

This is a little uncommon. However, there are indeed folks who felt high or  experienced a “sugar rush” after eating sweet stuff. There is scientific evidence to prove  that ingesting substantial sweet food or drinks  will affects the levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter, in the brain. Without a regular and consistent supply of sugar, these folks will go through withdrawal symptoms too.

4. Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine is a socially acceptable addiction. However, that does not mean it is okay to have it . When anything becomes an addiction, it’s no good. Anyone who tried to adopt the  “cold turkey” way to eliminate  caffeine from his/her system will experience  withdrawal symptoms from irritability, headaches or even  fatigue and anxiety. These symptoms may take 7 days or more to go of . Some people might not have the will power to withstand the discomfort and choose to start drinking caffeinated beverages.

5. Chocolate Addiction

When we  are enjoying sucking and chewing on chocolates, our bodies release  serotonin. Serotonin produces a feeling of well-being. This may explain why we always celebrate with chocolate or to console ourselves to feel good again.  Of course, chocolate addiction might bring on dental problem.

When we over-consume anything and it becomes addiction, it’s no good – emotionally, physically and spiritually. When it comes to food, take a balance meal. Eat your cakes, have your chocolate but in moderation. P.S. Taraak, a Longivity Coach, who contributes articles here swears by sprouts, while others like Frederic Paternaude believes raw food is the way to healthy eating. There’s no right or wrong, you just have to choose a suitable way that fits your lifestyle. Whatever it is, more greens is good.

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