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Frozen Soup Stock Can Retain Nutrients

According to Ms Nehal Kamdar, Dietian with Raffles Hospital, a home made soup soup stock is an excellent way to enhance the flavour of dishes. The meat, bones and beans that you are using contain mainly minerals, protein and fat. None of these are destroyed by heat. However, there are some points to note when freezing home-made stock:

  1. As the stock continues to heat, oil in the water rises to the surface, and combines with the proteins, creating a foam. You should let the soup chill completely and skim the fat from the top before freezing the stock. Fat spoils over time in the freezer and shortens the frozen stock shelf life.
  2. Store Food in small servings to hasten freezing. This also allows you to defrost what you want.
  3. The quicker food freezes, the better its quality once thawed. Arrange containers in a single layer to allow air to circulate for quicker freezing.
  4. When defrosting, do so in the refrigerator or microwave, never in room temperature or you might run the risk of food contamination.
  5. Do not freeze more than 4 months.

(Extracted from The Straits Times, Mind Your Body, 5 Feb 2009)

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