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Healing Food for Your Skin from Your Fridge

Common food items found in your pantry or refrigerator can have healing and rejuvenating properties for your skin. For example:
1) Honey is a natural moisturizer and defoliant and is found in many homemade skin care. Honey has been used throughout ancient times for beautiful skin, especially by the Greeks.Dairy products, especially milk and yogurt have enzymes that naturally exfoliate dead skin cells. Milk has been used for centuries for beauty skin. In fact, Cleopatra’s favorite secret beauty tip was to soak in a milk bath to keep her skin soft.

2) Vinegar has anti-itch/burn properties

3) Olive oil is a natural moisturizer and skin softener

4) Egg whites make an excellent mask and pore reducer

5) Lemon juice cleans pores and reduces excess skin oil and is good for acne prone skin

For more wonders on common food items like honey, garlic and vinegar, read Ray Collins’  The Honey Garlic and Vinegar Miracle.