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Introduction to LOHAS

For those who are concerned about living a healthy lifestyle, you would most likely have heard of LOHAS. For the others, LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. 

What this means is that LOHAS represents a group (a very large group) of people who are concerned about and are focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living, and social justice.

There are lots of information on the Internet about this already and a simple search for “lohas” should yield you lots of results.

At Nurture Your Own, we are not LOHAS fanatic, but we are in agreement with the ideals of LOHAS. Growing and eating your own sprouts, healthy living, focus on alternative healing and more; these are topics that we have been dealing with here. With LOHAS, an expanded dimension is added and we hope that as we share more, you will add your views and comments so that we will all be part of a big learning community.

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Benefits Of Organic Food For Your Health

For people who’s keen to know why organic food is great for our body. Read what Mike Selvon got to say:

Organic food health benefits are debated more than ever. With people demanding to buy organic food more, researchers are tying to find the benefits and risks of eating organically.

Sometimes researchers have said that the organic food health benefits are really nonexistent, while with other studies, multiple benefits have been found. By researching organic foods, a person can find the real story about organic food health benefits.

Organic food health benefits may begin with the debate of the nutrition level of certified organic food versus regularly grown food. Depending on what information is read, different information is given.

According to the research on organic food that the New York Times did in 2003, their report was that “recent preliminary evidence suggests that the levels of certain nutrients, especially vitamin C, some minerals and some polyphenols — naturally occurring antioxidants that may help bolster the immune system — are higher in organically grown crops.”

This comment alone reinforces such food health benefits that a person can gain by eating fresh organic food.

Outside organic growing, many farmers, in order to have their plants grow larger and more bountiful, add pesticides and toxins. Such food health benefits stem from the lack of these toxins and pesticides.

Pesticides have been linked to making people ill, and can cause a person to avoid fresh vegetables that are needed for an overall healthy diet. Toxins in the body can cause problems such as headaches and tremors.

Because organic food health benefits help reduce the risk of these undesirable benefits, natural and organic food should be definitely taken into consideration when choosing foods.

One particular such food health benefit occurs when the additives that are found in almost all foods are not used. Organic food production prohibits the use of food additives such as preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and hydrogenated fat.

This in itself is excellent for all people but especially children. The less artificial sweeteners that children can be exposed to the better according to most doctors.

Organic food health benefits are numerous. Debates rage as to what exact benefits organically grown food can offer the public. Some claim that the nutrient levels are higher, others say they are the same.

But one thing is for sure. Organically grown food offers little to no pesticides, and this can help everyone be healthier. No matter whether studies are right in linking certain ailments to pesticides or not, even children can gain from such food health benefits.

Because of the lack of artificial ingredients, children can be healthier and happier. This fact alone is enough to make anyone start enjoying fresh organic food.

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Know When Not To Go It Alone – See A Doctor

Many people believe in finding solutions to their own problems. And when we speak about getting a healthy lifestyle going over here at NurtureYourOwn.com, we strongly encourage you to take action and share with you how easy it is to start.

But sometimes, we also need to know when not to go it alone. Sometimes, we are presented with problems and issues that we will find it very difficult to face alone. One really good example is when this word is mentioned: viagra.

While there are many herbal remedies and natural cures, you need to know when to seek professional help. This site at Continue reading