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Life goes on for Celebrities with Herpes

Herpes is a taboo for many people who is suffering from it. Many chose to hide themselves far from the madding crowd, distancing themselves from their loved ones and closing their hearts to making new friends. The singles were especially affected. They lived in a shattered world, believing that they will forever live a single life, with no friends or life partner.

Must it be so?

It is interesting and inspiring to note that life goes on for celebrities who have herpes. Just look at David Beckham, who was alleged to have herpes. if he did, he is still making headlines everywhere he goes, even though his halo effect seems to have dimmed quite a bit. Still, he is still making good money endorsing product besides kicking balls, and often seen dressed to the nine with that glamorous wife of his. That should be the way for all people with herpes. There is still life after herpes. LIFE GOES ON.

If you or someone whom you know have been keeping your own company and don’t know how to start a life because of herpes, don’t dismay. One quick solution, which I believed might also be the easiest way, is to get to know people who are in the same boat. An understanding friend who know your inconvenience and suffering is an excellent aid to help you rebuild life. Just think of the things you’re missing out if you go on victimizing yourself. Usually your doctor and medical adviser will recommend you to join as upport group.  If not, go online and find a herpes support group that suits you.

Live life to the fullest, don’t let a disease dis-ease you,

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Bee Pollen Heals Wounds from Herpes & Slows Down Aging Process

Micheal Thomas has written a wonderful article on the wonders of bee pollen and how it can help to minimize the discomfort for people suffering from herpes and also help to slow up the aging process… Here’s what he said:

Bee pollen and herpes, what do they have in common? The pollen from the bee actually has a component that speeds up the healing of wounds from the herpes condition. Herpes is a widely spread sexually transmitted disease in adults caused by the herpes simplex virus or HSV. The symptoms include blisters and ulcers on the mouth, face, genitals, and around the anus area. Once a person is infected with herpes, he or she remains infected for life. There is no known total cure for herpes, just some minor treatment for the wounds or blisters caused by it.

Bee pollen and herpes patients have gone along well through the years because the ingestion of pollen makes the symptoms disappear for long periods of time. So what exactly is in the pollen that cures the herpes’ painful symptoms? The answer is the Pantothenic acid, a part of B vitamin complex family that effectively speeds up the cure of herpes wounds.

The bee products with propolis, a powerful natural antibiotic from bees, are more effective against the herpes simplex virus. This is because of the high concentration of flavonoids and luteolin in propolis that are very efficient in reducing pain, itchiness, and inflammation in herpes patients.

What are the other things herpes patients can expect from taking in bee supplements?

By taking in daily bee pollen products, one’s body will experience an outstanding increase in natural energy. This is one reason why there are a lot of athletes who include a bee product in their daily diet. It has also been found to increase mental functions and concentration in adults as well as aid in young children’s IQ development. Adults are able to think clearly, even if they are in their senior years, and children are able to learn and comprehend lessons in school fast.

One of the best health benefits is its ability to slow down the aging process of each individual. This is due to the fact that it restores vigor and enhances cell regeneration processes. This health benefit from the pollen is commonly observed on the skin of a person taking bee products daily. They appear younger compared to their actual age and their skin is supple, soft, smooth, and almost wrinkle-free.

The pollen from the bee also normalizes chemical imbalances in the human body. These chemical imbalances often affect one’s metabolism resulting in various weight problems like overweight and underweight. Metabolism in overweight people will be increased resulting in faster fat burning and a flushing process due to the high lecithin percentage in the pollen. Overactive metabolism causing underweight in some people will also be normalized by a bee supplement. It can also suppress food cravings to help one reduce some of the unwanted weight and be able to eat healthier selection of food groups.

There are more health benefits from the pollens that we haven’t mentioned here. The important thing is for herpes patients to know that there are natural sources, like these pollens, that can help them with their painful symptoms. Bee pollen and herpes are indeed lasting. When the pollen is improperly stored and handled, it will lose up to 76 percent of its nutritive value within twelve months. The only way to preserve the high potency of pure pollen is the method of freeze drying.

Freeze drying bee pollens maintain its freshness and preserves all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients intact. Other bee pollen collectors do not handle their bee pollens very well and even subject their bee pollens in the heat drying process, the fastest way to dry out the product but the worst way in trying to preserve the bee pollens’ potency. Bee keepers in New Zealand see to it that they harvest bee pollens at least twice a week because they know the exceptional nutritive value of bee pollen freshness.

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PositiveSingles.com launches new member services – ask STD Counselor

Toronto, Ontario (January 20, 2008)

POSITIVESINGLES.COM adds new feature: “Ask STD counselor” – adding more support for its members than just dating services.

Finding your match when you are suffering from an STD can be easier than you think. Starting from January 15, 2008, members at PositiveSingles.com can ask a STD counselor questions as well as continuing to enjoy updated information about all STDs, various STD forums, uploading pictures, sending e-mails or winks to other members and you can have a limited free membership.

Thousands of people get STDs and don’t realize it. Having an STD could lead to confusion, resentment, anger, and isolating of yourself. One might even be filled with many questions.

According to the CDC, there are over 65 million Continue reading