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First Experience of Having Hives (aka Urticaria)

When I first had hives, I didn’t know it was hives. And definitely I didn’t know the doctors refer to hives as urticaria.

Initially, there were just a few seemingly innocent red weals on my abdominal area. They were red and slightly itchy, barely 3mm – 5mm in diameter. I dismissed them as mosquito bites. However, as the itch intensified, I scratched more and more frequently. To my horror, the few weals suddenly multiplied and spread in a matter of 20 – 30 minutes – as if a school of invisible mosquitoes have launched a massive attack. 20-30 big, medium and small weals started spreading across my tummy, sides and the small of my back. It was quite shocking for a first-timer.  There was a mix of horror and amazement as I watched these angry weals merge and mutate into a large plaque and then several large plaques. Especially bad was the pressure line area where elastic band of my pants come in contacts with my skin.

By then, I have learned that the weals and plaques were caused by some form of skin allergy. I thought my clothing were not laundered properly and the detergent residue had caused an allergy. However, I have serious doubts about that possibility when it happened again the next evening. Though I had weals and plaques throughout the day, the condition mostly worsen towards the evening.

On those first 2 days, I experimented using tea-tree oil, anti itch cream, ice pad, wearing loose fitting clothing, drinking plenty of water and sadly, nothing seems to make things better. The weals appear and disappear at their own will and timing, and they definitely did not find the ointments and creams a threat.

Eventually, I went to the pharmacy to seek professional help. The pharmacist recommended oral anti-histamine. Yes, that worked beautifully. Unfortunately, I was told that’s a temporary relief. The hives may come back, and there’s no knowing when it will. This reminded me of my experience with eczema and how alternative home remedies- instead of drugs – could sometimes work wonders. An online search showed that Paulette Joynt has found a solution to her Chronic Urticaria in 3 weeks. I think I might just give this a try.

Additional Reading on Expert’s Opinion: Paulette Joynt’s  “Get Rid of Hives – I Beat Hives My Urticaria in 3 Weeks”