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Bilateral Isokinematic Training in Action

Hello everyone! It has been quite sometime since my last post on Bilateral Isokinematic Training (BIT) and today, I would like to share a Video Clip on the Initial Relaxation Exercises before commencement of the actual BIT Exercises. Just a bit of background introduction to the main Actresses shown here. They are my wife rock, the stroke survivor and Puan Norani the Senior Occupational Therapist at the University Hospital in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The video was shot in her Clinic and I have to say Puan Norani is a very experienced, well-trained OT with many years of experience in this field and she is gentle and patient

Like all Physiotherapy and OT Exercises, bringing the person into a state of relaxation is very important for effective therapy. Proper movement of the other parts of the hand in this case are related to the state of relaxation. Never, never start the exercises when the person is not relaxed because then it will be the Spasticity that is causing the movements and not the proper linkages, muscles of the hand.

As her caregiver, I am learning the whole exercise process and the various routines so that at home I can repeat the exercises properly and for at least three times a day. Each exercise routine lasts about 30 minutes and allow time for the person to rest. The Relaxation Exercises are repeated for each and every routine. Patience, gentle coaxing, verbal affirmations are the right approach for caregivers who assist stroke survivors going through the exercises.

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