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Stay Clear of Creamy Soup

My friend who loves her soups cannot understand why she couldn’t lose weight when she changed her diets to mostly salads, soups and bread rolls.

My suspicion is her fondness of rich and thick soup. I know cream of potato soup or cream of mushroom soup or cream of chicken soup and beef strongnafoff are super starter to a nice lunch or dinner. However, soups like these are stuffed with cream, cheese and meat. In other words, they are loaded with calories. When you add croutons or eat them with bread rolls, pasta, rice, you will end up with even more calories. Like it or not, you might just grow  horizontally in no time.

Stay clear when you think of soup. Choose broth-based and vegetable based soups and stews. They can filled the stomach but with much lesser calories. If you like Chinese food, go find a Chinese Soup receipe bookfor soups. We have lots of clear soups made completely without cream, cheese, oil or butter.