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Sprouts & Sex – toss away the blue/orange pill

As per research in the Agricultural Experiment Station, Beltsville, Maryland, USA, some sprouts have been successfully used to restore the fertility of unfertile cows. Would you like to guess why?
Because sprouts are the best sources of all the “Sex Nutriments” (besides other nutrients).

What are these sex-nutriments?
Well, Vitamin E for sure is known as The “sex vitamin”. And some sprouts like wheat (complete list in my book) have 3 times more vitamin E than whole wheat.

But then Vitamin E supplementation would have done the job as well… Why sprout?
For atleast 3 sexy reasons –

1. In order to fully absorb Vitamin E (or any other nutriment for that matter) it must be provided as part of a complex set of varied nutrients some of which may still be beyond a thorough conclusive understanding of modern dieticians. In other words Vit E or any other “sex-nutriment” on its own wouldn’t do much.

2. The nutriments must be bio-available so that they actually get utlilized by the body, which is not the case with supplements.

3. The digestion of the food shouldn’t dig into one’s energy reserves. That leaves it available to help the body recuperate.

etc. etc.

If you think optimum energy levels & a healthy body resulting from a complete set of bio-available “sex-nutriments” can help us lesser humans as well then go search for “sex” over here (no where else & I won’t tell your mummy, promise!). You might as well discover the password for hot st(r)eaming ….  forever.

With a fourth of all men & women suffereing from infertility &/or some other sexual problems, sprouts may indeed be food for s__  er.. emm…  thought.

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The weight-loss conundrum

Breaking News :
“Health, fitness, weight-loss constitute the biggest chunk of all new year resolutions.” 🙂
And what’s the story of the weight-loss scene? :-
“… Amongst the ‘busy’ over-worked masses ‘fad diets’ continue to rule the roost.”

It’s possible these fancy diets may have something useful in them “backed by scientific evidence & latest research” and promoted by professionally qualified authors. But based on what I see around, many are akin to the get-rich-quick scams : long on dreams, short on results. What do you want?

Why is it so difficult to believe that – best things in life are indeed free.

I suppose… Continue reading

A heart patient’s prescription (& your’s too…)

My dad unfortunately had to go through an emergency heart bypass surgery recently. He had mostly followed an average dietary lifestyle all along. In a general medical check-up 1 of the major arteries was found to be 90% clogged.

(photo courtesy : buffalo.edu)

The operation was successful & he recoverd remarkably well, thanks to my mother’s support. But his appetite levels were low, prompting me to advice him certain sprouts beneficial for his situation. Raw sprouts are rich with enzymes and don’t need any digestion. They provide all the nutrients with minimal calories so even with low food intake he can be assured of his body getting all the essential micro nutrients. I was pleased to find him game for them . Here are my 3 recommendations for everyone’s benefit: Continue reading