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Should You Choose A Good Day to Stop Smoking?

Should you choose to quit smoking on a special day – like Valentine’s Day, on a Friday, or the 4th July? There is honestly no hard and fast rule, but, if you had tried stopping on a special day like this, and failed, please reconsider.

The main problem with selecting a special day is that you may not really be ready to quit on that day or worse, not ready to stop at all. You know you should be quitting smoking, but deep insider you, you really don’t have the desire to stop. Because you know to kick the addictive habit is no stroll in a park. It is hard and we human beings always tend to avoid pain at all cost.

The truth is if you are not ready, then don’t bother because your chances of success will be slim.

Rather than stop smoking on a special day, select a day that’s going to workfor you.

To illustrate, there will be some days when you smoke more than other days. So, if you smoke excessively on Monday, don’t pick Monday as the starting point. If you usually don’t smoke during weekends, pick a Saturday to quit smoking.

Any time is a good time to quit smoking when you have the will. However, if you want the best chance of being successful, you;ll have to invest enough attention to your own requirement so that your chances to quit successful is higher. It is definitely not a good feeling nor a good start to stop a few days and then go back to smoke even more.

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