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Homemade Eczema Treatment (9) Oolong Tea

37633212 - red hibiscus tea

I’m a Chinese and I drink Chinese tea, yet, I didn’t know that oolong tea helps people with eczema ! This tells me that continuous learning is really important.

While I was at a seminar recently, a fellow attendee from Japan advised me to drink lots of oolong tea when eczema hits me. Touch wood, that did not happen. However, a friend had a pretty bad break-out and is willing to try anything. Of the 9 tips I shared, she chose oolong tea. She prepared a flask of oolong tea and brought it to work. She drank lots of water and oolong tea for that day. The next day, I got her text message.

To my amazement, she said the oolong tea worked like magic. Within 24 hours of consuming oolong tea, her itch and inflammation lessened.

Almost a week later, I got another text message. She reported that her angry lesions disappeared within 6 -7 days. What was simply remarkable was there were hardly any scars.

Why does oolong tea work so well? I couldn’t find any concrete studies on the subject but I suspected it could be the antioxidant, polyphenols, that are present in oolong tea. They have anti-allergic properties and calm the overactive immune response.

Let me know if you have used oolong tea to treat eczema.

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