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Yeast Infection plagues most women at least once in their lifetime

When a woman gets vaginal yeast infection, she probably gets a bottle of dermoprotecting body wash, anti-yeast cream and an inserting capsule from her doctor. Sometimes, the doctor will even prescribe an oral pill for her partner.

Vaginal yeast infection is common among women. Research shows that than 50% of the women suffered this condition at least once in their life time. Vaginal Yeast infection is nothing to be embarrass about but it is troublesome, frustrating and absolutely annoying. Vaginal yeast infection is caused by organism recognized as Candida Albican, and will happen when there is an imbalance of PH level at the vagina.

Most of the time, women chooses to ignore the problem hoping that it will cure on its own. However, not all women are so lucky to have this problem disappear on its own. In fact, leaving yeast infection untreated may just turn the problem into a chronic case which can last up to months or even years.

If you are unsure if you got vaginal yeast infection, here are some tell tale signs:
– Unpleasant smell
– Dense, watery or milky discharge
– Severe itching
– Vulva redness and swelling
– Burning sensation

There are many different kinds of cures for vaginal yeast infection. Most commonly are yeast creams or oral medications from the doctors or over counter. If your infection is not improving with the yeast creams that you are using, you should discontinue. Prolong usage might just aggravate the condition, making the yeast tougher to kill. Like all diseases, sometimes yeast just got immune to the drugs applied and became stronger.

Women who are suffering from vaginal yeast infection should also avoid sexual intercourse by all means because this infection will spread to your partner as well.

Running to the doctor for a quick fix remains the only choice for most women. However, more and more are getting their problems solved with natural remedies. They considered holistic and natural treatments to be cheaper and safer from invasive drugs. Also, internet allows people to share their secret cure-all in an easy and fast manner. Canadian Sarah Summer is so confident of her method that she had published her cure entitled 12-Hour Cure to Yeast Infection. And the testimonials she received claimed that there is no recurrence. While Linda Allen also published her 7 years findings in Yeast infection No More.

A question comes to mind – why doesn’t doctor goes the natural way?